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“You shouldn’t have to pay to chat with the visitors on your own website. They’re your visitors!”

These words, by’s founder, Robert D’Assisi, clearly sum up the company’s mission: to democratize business communications.

Many startups or small businesses cannot afford to help their customers via live chat software, D’Assisi firmly believes that all companies, regardless of size or location, should have access to the best tools to interact with their customers. The CEO created, a free live chat support and messaging application, to give all organizations equal access to opportunity.

The solution allows you to monitor and chat with your customers directly from your website, mobile app, or a free customizable page. Its live chat capabilities increase conversation rates, lower back-and-forth email chatter, and makes communication easy by delivering real-time, personalized customer service.

But how does profit?

While the chat platform is completely free, the company also offers a Live Answering service at $1 per hour, if you prefer to hire a 24/7 agent to do the chatting for you.

The $1 per hour model is at the core of’s free service. One agent responds to several messages for multiple companies at the same time, therefore the cost of hiring an agent is shared between several companies using the same service.

Over 2.2 million subscribers worldwide currently use to provide instant support and service to their customers. D’Assisi believes that their revolutionary business model and mass usage potential has greatly contributed to this success:

“There hasn’t been earlier business messaging platform like this because of the paywall…we decided to change that, by offering a premium messaging service that is completely free. As a result, we’re now seeing double figure month-on-month growth, with the current rate of adoption at approximately 620 new companies a day signing up.”

Although the solution aims for the mass market, D’Assisi emphasizes that offering a live chat solution for free is not enough—it must also be more efficient than commercially available software.

He uses YouTube as an example:

“If YouTube had offered free video hosting back in the day, though the service and features were poor, it wouldn’t have affected the paid video hosting industry as profoundly as it has. The same can be said with live chat software.”

The idea is that just because a product is free, doesn’t mean it’s cheap. With there’s no “premium” version, just one featured-packed version for all.

“Premium features, without the price tag” offers a unique, feature-packed platform for everyone, delivering the functionality of other expensive live chat apps for free.

People who visit your website or personal profile page can reach you instantly by clicking on a live chat widget. In that case, you will immediately hear a notification sound and see the visitor on the left side of your screen.

You can reply by simply clicking on the visitor to open a chat window.

The platform allows you to create automated triggers to maximize conversation engagement. For example, you can set a chat window to open after a pre-determined amount of time and ask a question to the visitor, such as “Hi, how may I help you?”

The “Chat Rescuer” trigger auto-responds to messages if agents do not reply in time.

You can customize the chat widget to suit your branding and colors, as well as select from dozens of different “attention bubbles”. The bubbles bring focus to the chat widget to ensure your visitors never miss an opportunity to ask a question.

Live chat widgets come with a tiny “Powered by” link at the bottom by default. The option to include your own brand name is offered via a “remove branding” feature for $12 month.

If you keep the original widget design, the software remains entirely free.

Track visitor satisfaction

Every time you answer a chat, the visitor has the option to like or dislike the conversation. records each of those interactions, allowing you to determine how customers feel about your service.

You can then filter the report by agent, data range, or department to narrow down precisely which problems you may need to solve.

$1 per hour live agent

Live chat has proven to increase lead capture and overall customer satisfaction. However, you may have a hard time finding enough staff to have a real live person ready and available to answer messages at all hours of the day. offers a team of native speaking agents that will respond 24/7 on your behalf for only $1 per hour. The team is fully trained in customer service and lead capture and are available to assist visitors in real time, always in your customer’s language.

A powerful yet accessible solution is currently available in 27 languages and works seamlessly with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, giving you the option use it on the go or from any of your smart devices

No matter your company size or resources, improves your availability for customers. The solution serves as a powerful avenue for any professional service and growth strategy.

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