Flow 101 With Dropbox at Dreamforce 18

Flow 101 With Dropbox

Wednesday’s Dreamforce conference brought in a crew of eclectic speakers. One of the most intriguing conversations, however, came from a hallway interview.

Yamini Rangan, Chief Customer Officer at Dropbox, and Tom McCleary, SVP Strategic Product Alliances at Salesforce, sat down to discuss a new iteration of a more intimate partnership between Salesforce and Dropbox.

Interested in acquiring customers but even more so in delivering a great experience, Dropbox takes a user-centric innovation approach.

Image Credit: Dropbox

And since 80% of Dropbox users inevitably end up bringing the online file sharing and storage service to whatever company they end up working for, Salesforce has an invested interest in their customer base.

Rangan claims that for Dropbox, innovation is simplicity. A current customer trend is a proliferation of tools, which amounts to employees using and switching between 9-20 work apps in a day. How can you get in the right flow and remain productive with all those apps?

The solution? Drive productivity through simplification.

Dropbox has created an ‘open ecosystem,’ partnering with Salesforce and other companies such as Autodesk, Adobe, Google, and Slack. The open ecosystem avoids ‘content silos,’ which create a very fragmented user experience.

By offering integrations within this open ecosystem, Dropbox brings content that people use on a day-to-day basis to where the work actually gets done. So that workers can operate, synchronize and flow harmoniously across platforms. Just like that Yoga Flow 101 class.

Rangan points out that today, one of the number one customer trends is freedom of choice. There’s a lot out there. So the challenge is simplifying it for the user.

Salesforce and Dropbox have had a long-running relationship; however, the announcement this year of a partnership signifies a deeper technology integration between the two companies.

For further information and a video tutorial on the Salesforce integration, visit Dropbox.

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