Zendesk Sunshine CRM Launched at Relate 2021

Zendesk Sunshine

Today marks the second day of Zendesk’s annual Relate conference and a pretty major milestone for the company, the unveiling of Zendesk Sunshine, the customer service company’s very own CRM.

Zendesk CEO, Mikkel Svane, introduced the new CRM as a next-generation platform built for an ever-growing and constantly changing customer universe.

Adorned in super cool digs (a silk gold suit to match the CRM’s name), Svane goes on to explain the entire (very humbling) philosophy behind Sunshine. Customers no longer revolve around companies.

“Today’s customers are better connected and more informed…bringing higher expectations into their conversations with businesses.”

Gone are the days of one-dimensional customer profiles. Zendesk believes the future of customer engagement and the world of business needs to adapt to a multidimensional customer; as Svane puts it, we “need a platform that supports a new reality.”

You have to find data wherever it lives. Yet with customer data spread out in all directions, inside and outside of organizations – on social media, with partners, and other applications – there’s no single CRM database to connect all the information.

Sunshine breaks free from legacy CRMs, whose proprietary language alienates developers and limits customer profiles.

Zendesk Sunshine is built to address the new CRM reality. It exists as a public cloud-native app on Amazon Web Services, granting developers the freedom to create customer apps and services faster and exactly the way they want, and ensuring that “data will flow more freely through the AWS services that developers already use.”

The key features of the CRM focus on customer relationship and conversations. They’re meant to help businesses understand all their customer needs, giving a holistic view of customers

Sunshine Profiles helps you see all the dimensions of your customers across all systems and applications.

Sunshine Events tracks important events like website visits, shipping or purchase history.

Sunshine Objects is a customized approach that helps you connect relevant information to your business such as specific contracts, hardware, or purchase orders.

“New products for new perspectives”

As if the unveiling of a hip new CRM wasn’t enough, the company also added two new products to the Zendesk Suite yesterday: Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Explore.

Zendesk Sell is your one-stop shop for sales force automation. Designed to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for salespeople, so you can improve customer experience and target them with the right products and services.

Zendesk Explore is the new data analytics power tool. Faster, easier analytics and insights about customers and support teams.

Not quite as monumental, but still important, is the announcement of the general availability of Custom Objects for Zendesk Support. Now you can model your whole business in Zendesk, enjoying full visibility of team and customers alike in one place.

Relate 2018

A whole new approach to CRM matches the Zendesk’s approach to the Relate conference, as the company has made significant strides to go against the grain of your typical business gathering.

No sore butts, anxiety-induced escape plans or swag booth bonanza-style festivities will be had at Relate. Why? Because Zendesk promises to focus on the more human-friendly side of both customer and colleague relationships.

A more human-friendly approach manifests itself in a carefully curated list of speakers with unlimited knowledge surrounding important topics in the workplace such as work conflict, human intelligence, harnessing empathy, and, of course, all things related to chat implementation, customer journey mapping, and self-service scaling.

Great talks yesterday from a broad range of speakers including:

– Tiffany Apcyznski: VP, Social Impact and Public Policy, Zendesk

– Pierre Lazarus: Global External Tools Program Manager, Uber

– Marcie Murray: Director of Support, Shopify

Key speakers to look out for today:

– Amy Gallo: Author of HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict

– Amie Tornincasa: Director, Studio Technology, Netflix

– Will Allen: Senior Director, Behance, 99U, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe

– Mindy Kaling: concludes the conference on an empathetic (and most likely hilarious) note

Discover the entire list of speakers and the full agenda.

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